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Corporate Ad-Based Black Market

The exploitation, underpayment, and outright robbery of recording artists and musicians in digital media takes many forms. However, as Chris Ruen, author of the book “Freeloading” makes clear below- stopping the corporate ad based black market in music (aka ‘Piracy’)…

Artists' Pay for Radio Play!

We, the Undersigned, join with the CCC-NYC in Urging Congress to Support Artists' Pay for Radio Play.

The United States has the unfortunate distinction of being the only democratic country in the world whose artists and musicians receive no pay for the terrestrial radio airplay of their music. The short list of countries that share the United States' position on this issue includes: Iran, North Korea, China, Vietnam, and Rwanda.

We ask that Congress review radio airplay royalties and support American artists and musicians by instituting a terrestrial radio performance royalty.


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